My Students

Meet the students of Arcadia Trails Academy. They’re also known as the two most important people in my world.

This is my main student, G.

G is my oldest son; he’s ten. He’s working on 5th grade level. He is very bright, exceptionally intelligent, and is the sweetest soul I’ve ever known, aside from his dad, whom he’s exactly like. He’s sensitive, kind, and so loving. He craves lots of physical contact and affection, and requires lots of interaction. He’s easy to love, and I do so in abundance. He’s a nature fanatic, especially when it comes to birds. He’s also a very active boy, and I have quite a time keeping him occupied and keeping his mind on his studies, but at the same time, he enjoys his schoolwork (overall).

And then there is my youngest student, D:

D is six and is still my baby. Oh, does he have me wrapped around every one of his cute little fingers! He’s just moved from kindergarten to first grade studies, and as of a few weeks ago at the time of this update, he’s officially reading! I credit Abeka’s wonderful Phonics program, as well as a lot of hard work on both our parts for this huge success.

D is all boy, kind of the opposite of his brother. He’s rough and fearless, stubborn and independent. He’s quite bright, and is very serious most of the time— though he has a sharp sense of humor. He’s always been my “old soul”, and a bit moody; again, the opposite of his brother. I love him exactly the way he is.

I’m so blessed with both these boys; I got two completely opposite personalities, and I couldn’t love either of them any more than I do. They seem to love each other quite a bit, as well (but yes, they do also argue a good bit. Sometimes bitterly).

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