Philip Sasser is a native of Florida's Great Northwest with more than a decade of advertising experience. He boasts a wide range of skills—from design, to illustration, to writing and editing. An alumnus of Florida State University, Sasser has worked both in the Pensacola area and in New York. He has worked in a variety of settings, from straight freelance, to corporate, to a small agency, to his current status as an independent businessman working both on his own and in conjunction with other firms. In the course of his career, he was instrumental in the transformation of a publications department at the Salvation Army Eastern USA Territorial Headquarters into a full-service design and publishing department. As an independent businessman, he has worked with clients in no less than 10 different states. Sasser works cooperatively with a number of regional and national companies and vendors to ensure that you are receiving the best of both worlds—top quality for minimal cost.

Despite all of this, he manages to do his most important job: a husband and a father of two.

While creativity and innovation are at the core of Philip Sasser's service, he counts integrity as his most important asset. For more on this, check out the business philosophy page.