It doesn't take a superhero to stand up for what's right. It just takes people who are rooted in what matters. The rest will follow. Sasser Creative is built upon the core ideal of integrity. This is not just a word to be bounced around, with the meaning eventually lost. A company that believes in integrity believes in earning the trust of every client.

Why is this so important?

The fact is, a business relationship, like any other kind, requires trust. You need to know that you will never be billed for work that has not been done, that you will not receive "bait and switch" estimates. At Sasser Creative, we will outline clearly what work will be performed at what rate. If our time exceeds the quote, yet we have not completed all we promised, you will pay only what we quoted. If we lose track of time on an hourly project, you will pay for only the lowest estimated amount of time spent. If we find that a certain process is giving us more billable work hours with no real benefit to you, we will bring it to your attention and seek a way to save you money through more efficient methods.

Good business starts with good people.