Here are some questions we get asked, or expect to get asked, or wish we would get asked.

Q : Are you one person or a group of people?
A : Yes. I largely produce the work on my own, from image to text. However, I work side by side with other professionals in the field (I call 'em my associates) who fill in the gaps and build on what I produce. This achieves all of the cohesion and capabilities of an ad agency, but without the bureaucracy.

Q : At a larger agency, you answer to a supervisor. Who do you answer to?
A : You.

Q : I know someone who can do what you do for $20 an hour.
A : Then use them. And when you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on media space in which you place an $80 mediocre ad, give me a call. I'll get you that same space for a lower price and fill it with an eye-popping ad that'll make you weep tears of joy.

Q : Will producing my advertising through a larger agency still grow my business?
A : Yes, of course, but at a greater expense and no tangible benefit. We are a team of professionals who are very experienced in the advertising field. But because we are independent, we can provide the same excellent work without the higher costs.

Q : Okay then, why not just hire a freelance designer?
A : Check out our services page. Besides, if all you need is design, we can handle that just fine.

Q : Is there anything you can't do?
A : I really suck at hanging sheetrock. But put me on the job, and I'll find someone who will do it exceedingly well while still saving you money.