You do it. I do it. Just about everyone does. When people see a company's print ad, television commercial or website, they make a judgment based on the image presented. Yet, surprisingly, most companies fail to recognize what a tremendous impact this has on their income.

Think about it: How many times have you scanned the phone book, responding first to the organization with the most appealing and attention-getting advertisements? I've done it. We all do. Why? It's the power of image.

Sasser Creative is a full-service advertising and design company, located in the Pensacola, Florida area and serving clients along the Gulf Coast and throughout the nation. The basic concept is simple: Create powerful and effective imagery and combine it with well-planned and informative content that will appeal to the primary target and open the door for new markets. This is achieved through a variety of means, coordinating some of the best minds our area has to offer.

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